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Monday, November 29, 2010

Does you mind wander regularly

"As a movement, cyberpunk denies progress towards a better society - there is only technological progress, which repeals utopia and threatens to undo the man himself."//tgdaily

Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality

"Several threats to the Web’s universality have arisen recently," he says.
He briefly warns of cable giants who may prevent the free flow of content across the net. "Cable television companies that sell internet connectivity are considering whether to limit their Internet users to downloading only the company’s mix of entertainment," he says. //the_register

Maybe you rarely celebrate the fact that you can think, but according to my inside sources, the flash of mercurial codes through your brain is among the universe's most dazzling accomplishments.//Rob Brezsny

This is not a website

The fact is, as I see it, that you are in the thick of the Season of Mixed Emotions. The more graciously you accept that -- the more you invite it to hone your soul's intelligence -- the better able you'll be to capitalize on the rich and fertile contradictions that are headed your way. //freewillastrology

They found that males do maintain social relationships with other males in which both members spend time together and groom one another. Those bonds aren't confined to potential kin. Males with stronger bonds to other males tended to form coalitions, and those coalitions predicted future social dominance, the researchers report. //esciencenews

„Melodyne scheint alle gl├╝cklicher zu machen – ohne alles grauenhaft zu zerquetschen.“ //celemony

Can't carry a tune?
They'll make a robot make a robot in a lab
and robots won't need man.
After all, human pop stars already seem like they were created in a science lab, why not just take the next step?

Sie ist deftig und sinnlich dazu

Currently my work focuses on a simple, practical step we could take to learn more about both games and society: I am trying to create a multi-user game that researchers could use to study real-world problems like pollution, inflation, and conflict. Right now we don't have a lab big enough to study such macro-scale problems. I am trying to use platforms like the web and Facebook to build a game with hundreds of thousands of users, interacting in complex economic, political, and social games, for months at a time. Such a game would be the big lab we need.//Castronova

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